Who would be most benefited by using Form Factory ?

Anyone who runs wordpress website will be benefited by using Form Factory plugin. It saves time and effort.

Is coding skill required to use Form Factory ?

Not at all. You should be able to build and maintain forms without coding knowledge.

What are the pre-requisites to install Form Factory ?

You will need wordpress version at least 5.6 and minimum PHP version required is 7.2.18.

How to create new form from scratch ?

Form factory is based on components. Go to “Dynamic Form Design” submenu under Form Factory, drag components from left to the right area and the click on any component in the right section in order to customize fields.

How to remove any component ?

Just drag the component from right to the left area. Make sure to click “Save Form” when you are done with editing.

How to use created form in content area ?

Factory form can be inserted into content area using shortcode [[shortcode]factory-form id=”x”[/shortcode]] where x = form id. Generated shortcode can be found under form list.

How to apply theme to a form ?

Click on any theme under “Apply Theme” section and click “Tag Selected Theme With Form”. You can create your own theme from “Custom Themes” tab under “Manage Themes” submenu page.

Can i download entry report in both Excel and PDF formats ?

There is facility to download report in both formats as well as copy data.