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Get Form Factory now and start building your forms

Form factory is the best ajax based WordPress forms plugin. Create simple WordPress forms with drag & drop form builder.

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Single Page Shopping

Ajaxify shopping for woocommerce is the best eCommerce WordPress plugin. Increase sales using single page store with product table and ajax product filters.

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Cryptocurrency Catalog

Real time update of cryptocurrency coin data using price ticker, table, card, carousel, label, box, list with accordion, chart, donation box, cryptocurrency converter widgets.

  • Ticker

    Ticker is the easiest way to review and analyze cryptocurrency coins. It helps users to scan and filter top coins among others.

  • Carousel

    Use carousel widget if you need slide show of coin data with smooth transition effect.

  • Cryptocurrency Converter

    There are different conversion options such as Cryptocurrency to Fiat Currency, Fiat to Cryptocurrency, Cryptocurrency to Cryptocurrency and Fiat to Fiat Currency.

  • Table

    Table can hold a huge number of coins and detailed information regarding a particular coin. It is also easier to search coin using table.

  • Chart

    The historical coin prices is displayed through crypto chart widget. There is option to change crypto and fiat currency from drop down.

  • Donation Box

    You can insert donation box anywhere in your page/post in the form of tabular structure, accordion or popup.

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Frequently Asked Questions


How to load ajax content in admin content area ?

From general settings, fill up "Target Element" input field. Target element is where ajax content will be loaded. It should be an unique element. For example, if you have an element

, then target element would be main#content or main(if unique in the page).

Where can i find plugin settings ?

Go to admin settings menu and then select Awcs.

How to show product from specific categories ?

From settings, select categories you want in the "Select categories" field. You can leave out some products as well from "Exclude products" field.

How to remove duplicate ajax loading icon (if exists) on button click ?

Go to general settings, select "Remove ajax loading icon" and save changes.

How to enable single product carousel ?

When you load single product from single page shopping, products from same category will automatically show in carousel. If you are using bootstrap in your active theme, make sure that the version is 4.5.2 or higher.

How to insert single page shopping in the content area ?

Use shortcode [[shortcode]awcs-single-page[/shortcode]] in the page. Single page shopping works best with full width page template. So make sure that the page is full width.

Form Factory

Who would be most benefited by using Form Factory plugin?

Anyone who runs wordpress website will be benefited by using Form Factory plugin. It saves time and effort.

Is coding skill required to use Form Factory?

Not at all. You should be able to build and maintain forms without coding knowledge.

What are the pre-requisites to install Form Factory?

You will need wordpress version at least 5.6 and minimum PHP version required is 7.2.18.

Cryptocurrency Converter

Which APIs are used in this plugin?

This plugin is powered by CoinGecko API for cryptocurrency market data, https://happi.dev for cryptocurrency converter and CryptoCompare for historical chart data.

Will I have cryptocurrency converter and donation box features along with other widgets ?

Yes, indeed, you will get all in one place. This plugin comes with different styles and options for cryptocurrency converter and donation box.

Does coin prices in the widgets updated in real time ?

Yes coin prices are updated from source in real time by flashing color indicator.